Night Guard Home Care Instructions

Prior to placing the appliance in your mouth:

  • Brush and floss your teeth

To insert appliance:

  • Orient your teeth in the appliance
  • Use your forefinger and thumb of both hands to guide appliance into place over your teeth
  • Gently bite down to insure appliance is fully seated

When to wear appliance:

  • A night guard is used nightly but can be worn anytime you desire to prevent trauma and wear from the grinding/clenching of your teeth

Removal of appliance:

  • Use your forefinger and thumb of both hands to grasp appliance and gently pull out


  • Use a soft toothbrush under cold tap water
  • Do NOT use toothpaste
  • Note: The appliance is sensitive to heat. Heat can cause it to distort rendering it unusable.  However, as long as the night guard is in your mouth, hot food or drink will not damage it.


  • Shake moisture from appliance
  • Place in a sealable plastic container
  • Keep away from dogs

Mineral Deposits:

  • Mineral deposits may accumulate causing discoloration. If this occurs, soak appliance for approximately 15 minutes in a denture cleaner
  • After soaking, rinse with cold running water and store