Post-Op Instructions Following Root Canal Therapy

Mild to moderate discomfort may be experienced after root canal treatment.  Tenderness to chewing may also occur and may take months to completely resolve while the area heals.  These symptoms are unpredictable.

Please follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Pain Medication: If you were given any prescriptions, please have them filled promptly and take as directed. If no prescriptions were given, you may choose to take ibuprofen medications such as Motrin or Advil (as long as you do not have any allergies to these medications) for alleviation of discomfort and swelling.  Alternatively, you may use Tylenol.  Do not exceed the guidelines printed on the label for any medication.
  2. Continue taking your antibiotic prescription if prescribed.
  3. Allow the temporary filling one half hour to harden before eating.
  4. Avoid chewing and biting on the tooth (especially hard substances) until your permanent restoration is placed due to the tooth being more vulnerable to fracturing (cracking)
  5. If you experience increased swelling and/or fever, call the office to discuss possible additional treatment or medication

Most teeth with root canal therapy require crowns due to the weakening of the tooth structure. Some also require a post and core.

The fee for these, or for a composite restoration when practical, is separate from the fee for the root canal.